HVAC Energy Reduction 


Vortex Optimization System  

An intuitive algorithm developed by Vortex uses an innovative software operating within the cloud to optimize HVAC system operations and reduce energy consumption.

• Smart Sensors are installed onto HVAC system’s components within the facility. 

• These sensors collect data and monitor the Air Conditioning mechanisms usage on-site 24/7/365.

• The information is sent to the VOS and is stored on the cloud. 

• VOS studies the environment in which it works. Data collection, calculations and decision making is automatically performed by VOS system based on the data received through the sensors and analyzed by VOS algorithm.

• VOS algorithm plans, predicts and controls chiller’s set point according to real-time ambient conditions, while complying with manufacturer specifications and ensuring user’s desired room temperatures and comfort.

• VOS solution allows a significant reduction of energy consumption, between 10%-30% of the Air Conditioning usage.