Energy Procurement

Choices and product offering

The goal is to select and energy products based on external factors (market conditions) and the needs of your business or institution (such as short-term and long-term profitability goals, monthly budgets, and risk tolerance).  The next section provides an overview of our product choices available in a competitive energy market.   Your decision should include discussion with your energy consultant and careful review of the terms and conditions of your supply agreement.

Fixed Price

Our Fixed price product offers budget stability by reducing your exposure to market volatility. We'll work with you to analyze your electricity usage and offer you a competitive fixed rate per kWh (kilowatt hour) for the length of your contract. With the Fixed price product, we can help you simplify your electricity supply choices and avoid spikes in your energy supply rate.

Is the Fixed Price Product Right for Your Business? 

  • Budget control is very important to my business or organization.
  • We do not have the time, expertise or interest to actively manage electricity procurement.
  • We have a lower tolerance for price volatility.
  • We are a commercial or industrial organization (not residential)

Variable (Index) Price

Our variable priced (market-based) product provides your energy supply at a competitive rate that varies with market conditions. We'll work with you to analyze your electricity usage profile and devise a variable rate plan so you can take advantage of market conditions.

With the variable priced product, you can avoid locking in at a high price while gaining the flexibility to ride the wholesale market in pursuit of competitive pricing. This  flexibility makes a market-based strategy the ideal choice for businesses with a higher risk appetite or the ability to control consumption when pricing peaks.

Is the Variable Priced Product Right for Your Business?

  • We're willing to ride the market for the short term in anticipation of a market dip,
    when we can lock in a more competitive rate.
  • We have a substantial level of flexibility in our month-to-month budget.
  • We have a higher tolerance for the risk of market fluctuations or price spikes.
  • We can control our consumption patterns to avoid high usage during price peaks.

Hybrid Energy Product

Customized Strategy and Streamlined Transactions 

Hybrid Product delivers added value to your energy management program with personal consultation and supply management support. Your Portfolio Strategist begins the process with an analysis of your usage profile and business requirements to develop a clearly defined electricity buying strategy for your business. Your Portfolio Strategist will actively monitor the wholesale market for advantageous buying opportunities, guide you through your purchasing decisions and execute transactions on your behalf when the time is right.

Ideal for National Accounts, Industrials and Large Commercial Operations, Hybrid products addresses the critical requirements of successful procurement in deregulated energy markets.

  • Personal, customized support from a deticated Strategy Team.
  • Flexible, diversified purchases with built-in risk management.
  • Customized business intelligence, with regular activity reports to monitor your portfolio's position against your benchmarks.
  • Flexible contract vehicle to accomplish a variety of purchasing strategies.
  • Transparent buying strategy.
  • Buy at wholesale prices instead of retail prices.
  • Fully leverage market opportunities by being an active market participant.


  • Annual usage of 10,000 MWhs and up at a single or multiple locations.
  • Contact person with the ability to take an active role in procurement decisions.